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The profit margins on other types of candy hover around 70%.You can buy a brand new triple vend candy machine like the one on the picture at the top of this post at Sam’s Club or on the internet for about 0 on the high side and about 0 if you are buying in bulk or used.I am perfectly happy collecting multiple streams of income that are smaller, but low-maintenance; and add up into something to talk about.If you feel like bulk candy vending is up your alley, I would suggest starting out by buying one machine and approximately worth of candy to fill it at your local warehouse store.Really, I only spend a couple of days a month on my candy business, and I can take a six week vacation if I want without a sweat.

Even if you own a stock portfolio that someone else manages, you still have to manage your manager from time to time.Some of my locations earn as little as and some as high as 0.Gumballs cost about 2 cents a piece and are sold for 25.This means that each machine should be able to pay for itself in about six months or less.Think about this: If you paid 0 for a machine that earned you 0 over the course of one year, the ROI for that machine would be 200%!

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